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Annotated Bibliography

Questions: How does substance abuse affect people’s behavior and relationships towards others? What are the mental and physical effects on people who are addicted to various types of substance abuse? How can Forum Theatre help inspire people to be agents of change?

1. Theatre of the Oppressed in Actions : An Audio-visual Introduction to Boal’s Forum Theatre. London ; New York: Routledge, 2015.

This video and booklet gives information on the history of Forum Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed and what it has been used for in the past. It also gives a brief history on the creator of Theatre of the Oppressed: Augusto Boal. This source will be useful for our project because it will give us insight on how Forum Theatre began and the history of Forum Theatre as a whole. It will also give us useful information on the creator of Forum Theatre, which will definitely be useful in our research of Forum Theatre.

2. Youth and Theatre of the Oppressed. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.

This book focuses on the youth perspective when it comes to Theatre of the Oppressed. This source will be useful for our project because our target age range for our audience will be young kids and youth alike. This source will be very useful in seeing what the youth find most effective in certain aspects of Theatre of the Oppressed and we can adapt those elements into our performance accordingly.

3. Sivak, Holt. Forum Theatre from a Community Psychology Perspective. Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfrid Laurier University, 1996.

This source focuses on the community psychological perspective of Forum Theatre. It focuses both on the performers of the Forum Theatre and the audience members that were there and participated in the performance as well. This source will be useful for our project because it will give us an idea of what people in general thought about Forum Theatre. Hearing from both the performer and audience perspective will help us with what kind of performance we want to work with for the actors and for the audience as well.

4. Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco: Learning About Addictive Behavior

This eBook was written for readers at grade 7 and higher and covers addictions, causes, and treatments that is specific and important for adolescents to be aware of. Some of the causes include advertising, genetics, families, and personal problems. It will be helpful with learning about how to bring up this topic to middle school students.

5. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Illicit Drugs

The purpose of this eBook is to emphasize social and moral issues about alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs. This will be helpful to understand the stigma around how people feel about drugs. It will give different thoughts and perspectives about the issues surround drugs.

6. Buzzed: The Straight Facts about the Most Used and Abused Drugs from alcohol to ecstasy

This book separates drugs (legal and illegal) into categories and describes what they are and do in the body. Describes how even small doses of various drugs have powerful and sometimes life threatening effects. Gives straightforward facts that will allow people to make informed and healthy decisions. This will be helpful about learning about how drugs are classified and what types are in each class. Lists street names of drugs as well as pictures of what different drugs look like.