About the Project

1. Who are we? Alex Sattler and Grace Loeffler are leading the project. They are working with Katherine Kasmir and volunteers from the Straight Up program to help create the performance.  Link to Straight Up Ventura: http://straightupvc.org/. Phillip will help us with documentation.
2. What are we doing? We are creating a forum theater performance with an audience and having the theme of the scenes deal with substance abuse, peer pressure and bullying.  We will also be filming the performance with the clearance of the film waivers given to the audience members and the performers from the school.
3. When is it happening (and schedule)? The Performance will take place on April 21st, 2017. The first rehearsal was on March 9th. There will be various rehearsals throughout the semester at times yet to be determined. There will be a rehearsal on the week of April 14th, the week before the performance.
4. Where is it happening? The performance will take place at the Cabrillo Middle School in Ventura. Rehearsals will take place at the CSUCI campus, most likely in Malibu 120.
5. Why are we doing this? We feel that doing a performance where the audience feels involved and engaged is much more effective at getting a message across and making the audience feel like they can be truly a part of the solution. Forum theater gives us the chance to perform really meaningful scenes that deal with many issues, and giving the audience a chance to be a part of the performance and making the scenes into what they actually want to see. Instead of the audience simply spectating, they are a part of the action and make a significant difference as to what can happen on stage. Straight Up is a program that is very focused on engagement with their youth audience, so we felt that they would be a good fit as our designated community partner for this project.
6. How are doing this? Alex and Grace will be rehearsing with Katherine and the volunteers from Straight Up  throughout the semester to come up with scenes to use for the performance. This will require brainstorming sessions, time to write the scripts for the scenes if needed, and time to rehearse the scenes with the actors. We will also need time in rehearsal to rehearse the forum theater format with the actors, as we know this is very much a new kind of performing format that we will all need time to adjust to.

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